Real Estate

  • Industrial, Commercial & Residential
  • Ejido’s privatization
  • Leases (Industrial & Commercial)
  • Infrastructure & Subdivision Licensing
  • Tourist Developments, Trusts
  • Fractional Ownership and Timeshare Properties

In the real estate practice, our Firm has acted as legal counsel for the most important developers and investors of the region, our Country and foreign investors, in the legal design and structuring of real estate business, as well as in preparing title searches, eliminating with the same legal contingencies by means of a profound legal and recording analysis of the real estate to be acquired, for such purpose Krasovsky Asociados verifies the existence of a perfect linking as of the original or primary title and up to the title being acquired.

The firm has participated in the obtaining of licenses and authorizations for subdivisions, feasibilities, infrastructure, environmental impact and providing legal advise for the optimization of compliance with condominium regime; time-fraction, timeshare, as well as concessions. One of our main achievements in this area is that we have obtained for our clients jointly with foreign firms, the highest rate of CCR enforcement, which regulate developments, being able to create and maintain the quality that our clients desire.

We are pioneers in the structuring of associations among foreign investors and Ejidos, considered as one of the main experts in the acquisition of Ejido land, including the filing and follow up of proceedings and procedures for the privatization of Ejido land